As the D day approaches, there are zillions of things that the bride needs to take care of. Right from waxing , threading, body polishing ,spa ,hair nourishing and a lot more goes into for the bride to look beautiful. This all needs lot of planning, time and accurate consultation which Ruchi provides with her professional experience.

It is always suggested for 6 months prior booking with Ruchi as in that time she can work with the in corrections of the skin and produce a perfect look for the wedding.

So, let’s find out a few things that all brides should look for in a pre-bridal package and we give it.


1.De Tan Manicure
2.De Tan pedicure
3.Body Polishing
4.Radiant Facial
5.Protein hair Spa


1.Deluxe pedicure
2.Deluxe Manicure
3.Chocolate Body spa
4.Skin Brightening facial
5.Body Wax
6.Body bleach
7.Hair Spa
8.Hair Cut
10.Bridal makeup
11.Nail Art
12.Saree Drape